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Travel Tip: Gadgets to Make Solo Travel Safer

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Solo travel automatically puts you in a vulnerable position. While vigilance is key, there are some devices that can give you some added protection. I’m not just talking about pepper spray—which is actually illegal in some countries.

First Alert’s Protection on Demand is a portable security alarm that costs about $30. It has a panic button and LED light and fits in the palm of your hand. It can also hook around a hotel doorknob and comes with a high-tech motion sensor to ward off potential theft.

iHelpPlus is a 99-cent smartphone app. It comes with a lot of safety features, including an alarm system that lets you send an SOS message—along with your location—to emergency contacts.

Then, there’s the ultra-secure StreetSafe program. It’s a monthly service that connects you with security members who will stay on the phone with you and will send help if needed. Plus, one swipe of the finger contacts the police directly.

Every solo traveler should carry basic items like an LED flashlight and a whistle. If you’re traveling abroad, always learn the local emergency number in that country.

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