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Travel Tip: Do You Need Travel Insurance for Skiing & Adventure Travel?

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ski_runYou’ve heard me talk about getting travel insurance on pricey vacations, to help protect your investment. But what happens if your claim is denied because…you’re too active? That’s right, basic insurance policies that cover out-of-pocket costs may not be valid if you participate in adventure sports. I don’t just mean skydiving and bungee jumping. I’m talking about activities like skiing, rock climbing, or windsurfing.

If you have trip interruption, or incur medical or evacuation expenses because you participated in these adventure sports, you may be out of luck.

If it turns out you’re injured because you were under the influence, forget it. That’s considered an exclusion.

Your policy may also be void if they determine there was reckless endangerment, which is why you need to stay on marked trails when skiing or hiking. Also, be sure to wear protective gear when necessary.

This is a real no-brainer, but make sure any tour operator is licensed and regulated.

When it comes to researching insurance policies, look for specific add-ons for adventure sports or “adrenaline activities.” Get in writing exactly what is—and isn’t—included in your final policy.

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