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Travel Tip: How to Score Secret Cruise Credits

Locations in this article:  Seattle, WA

Cruise Ship Boardingcruise ship in seattleIt’s no secret that a cruise can offer great bang for your buck, IF you spend wisely on board. But, there are also some secrets to saving even before you get on the ship. It’s all about finding secret cruise credits.

Did you know that your investment portfolio can make a difference? That’s right, stockholders with 100 or more shares in Carnival or Royal Caribbean can get up to $250 in onboard credit. Remember, Carnival also owns Princess, Holland America, Seabourne, and a number of other lines where you can use that credit.

Also, look for something called a “resident rate.”  That’s a discount that applies to residents in or near the cruise departure zone—think Florida, New York, and Washington.

Repeat customers should always  ask about discounts, even if they’re not members of a loyalty program.

Of course, your credit card may offer some benefits like credit or upgrades. But, read the fine print. For example, Citibank’s ThankYou Rewards program gets you gift certificates to several cruise lines. However, to redeem them, you have to book through the program’s travel center, which may not be the best deal out there.

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