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Travel Tip: Avoid Hidden Germ Traps When You Travel

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Toilets signWe all want to avoid both obvious and hidden germ traps when we travel, and there are lots of tools out there to protect yourself. The problem is, the things you thought were good for you might have the opposite effect!

Travel involves touching a lot of public spaces, so many people like to pack their own antibacterial soaps and wipes. Not so fast. The FDA is now requiring proof that these products are more effective than standard soap and water, because the evidence suggests they aren’t. If you don’t have access to a sink, keep alcohol-based wipes handy, but just because a product has the word “antibacterial” on the label may not be enough.

EPA tests have shown high amounts of bacteria in airplane water tanks. The problem is, coffee and tea onboard is often made with…you guessed it, airplane water. Unfortunately, those drinks usually aren’t hot enough to kill the bacteria.

Then there’s your toothbrush. Makes sense to cover those bristles with a little plastic cap, right? But that method can contribute to bacteria growth. Instead, look for something like the IntelliDent shield, which is a disposable mesh cover that creates a barrier to protect your brush…and your health.

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