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Travel Tip: More Weird & Wacky Vending Machines

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burrito_vending_machineI’ve talked about this before, and yet they keep coming up with new and wacky vending machine ideas. Here are a few new contenders for the world’s weirdest vending machines!

From the land of “you can’t make this stuff up,” Los Angeles now has the first burrito vending machine. We’re not talking the frozen kind. These are fresh burritos coming from a gas station kiosk. Hey, this is the same city that has a Sprinkles cupcake ATM. You’ll see the same cupcake dispenser in Las Vegas, at The LINQ at Caesars Palace.

There’s also the machine in Brussels that dispenses French fries…I mean, frites. Yes, the machine actually fries them on the spot and serves up condiments too

You can count on vending machines for more than food.

Amazon is testing out a Kindle kiosk at McCarran airport in Las Vegas and other locations around the country. They’re selling e-readers, the Kindle Fire, and accessories.

Speaking of books, in Toronto, one book store has… you guessed it, a book vending machine. It’s called the Biblio-Mat and the gimmick here is you don’t get to choose the book…they do!

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