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The TSA vs. Celebrities: This Time It’s Personal

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Ever suspected the TSA has it out for you, personally? Well, there’s one segment of the population that’s been patted down, had their personal property confiscated, and even had their children subjected to extra scrutiny. Or, so they would like us to think.

Celebrities are the first to complain when something goes wrong, but is the TSA really profiling celeb, or do celebrities just have the loudest voice—as well as the most Twitter followers to listen to them—when something goes wrong?

To find out who’s really in the wrong, we looked at 10 of the most famous celebrity TSA complaints and the true stories behind the sob stories.

1.   Alec Baldwin

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The actor is well known for his Twitter rants, especially towards flying, but this one brought in a lot of comments. This escalated with his next tweet: “I guess what I’m saying is: Traveling in the US is a pain in the f%#&ing ass.” Several followers made sure to point out to him that, since the incident took place in the Bahamas, that it was not the TSA who selected his daughter for a pat down. Alec Baldwin later took down his second tweet after tweeting, “So the people that patted down my daughter were not TSA, though we were inbound to the US. Got it. No, really…I got it.”…this tweet was also deleted.