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Travel Tip: When to Upgrade Your Train Class Abroad

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lonely trainYou may think you know the difference between a first class or a second-class rail ticket, but there is more to the train class system abroad than meets the eye.

Let’s start with the obvious. A first class ticket allows you  privacy, sleep, a more comfortable seat, and fewer people in a cabin.

Family travelers may not have a choice. Many adult passes are available in first class only, but youth passes are only available in second class.

Overcrowding of trains in Europe is a real problem. If you want to secure a spot on board, it would be better to invest in a first class ticket. With some train lines, second-class cabins can become so over crowded that trains sell out in minutes.

One rule of thumb says you should only invest in a first class ticket if you are traveling for over five hours. I disagree. It all comes down to how much luggage you’re bringing with you. If I can pack light, I’ll even take a third class ticket.

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