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Travel Tip: Airport Concierge Services

42-16912614Ever felt like you needed an extra set of hands at the airport? Well, some airports actually have concierges for hire.

Under the “you can’t make this up” category, there’s the personal shopper at Heathrow. There are over 80 shops over multiple terminals, so the idea is that someone else sources everything you want…so you don’t lose any time. And here’s the twist: The service is free!

MasterCard will give you 15 percent off its Global Airport Concierge service to help you speed through the airport, from curb to gate. The service is available at over 450 airports internationally. But we’re still talking a couple hundred dollars. So unless you’ve got small kids or are in a time crunch, it’s probably not worthwhile.

American Airlines has its Five-Star concierge service at some airports—but again, it’s at least $250 and it’s only for premier passengers.

Here’s the bottom line: Airport concierge services are just perks. If you’re in need of special assistance—say for medical or mobility issues—you want to contact the special assistance desk through reservations. They can walk you through what is and isn’t available at your airport.

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