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Travel Tip: New Year, New Airline Fees

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AirportIt’s a new year, so of course the airlines are quietly making some changes. So pay attention to the fine print of new rules, and as always, watch out for those hidden airline fees that are on the rise.

United Airlines has changed its rules so unaccompanied kids ages 5 to 11 can only take non-stop flights. For older kids ages 12-17, if you want to pay the $150 fee to give them assistance on the flight, they can only fly non-stop as well.

United has also reexamined some of its fees. Oversized bag fees are now double–$200; and the fee for three or more checked bags went up from $100 to $125 apiece.

This month, Southwest Airlines is also raising its fees to transport pets in the cabin. What was $75 each way is now $95—which actually puts them more on par with the other airlines out there.

And watch out for some changes in the world of frequent flyer programs this year. Both Delta and United are raising the number of miles to redeem premium-cabin seats. Which means your loyalty points are being devalued even further.

Read on for more airline fee information.

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