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6 Places You Wouldn’t Think to Visit in 2014 (But You Should)

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It’s the start of 2014. By now, everyone in the travel world has come out with their list of what’s hot and what’s not. But there are a few really exciting destinations that many of those 2014 travel trend pieces have neglected to tell you about. Follow along as Peter joins the team at CBS This Morning to share six destinations worth giving a second look in 2014.

Keep reading for more information on Peter’s picks for the real 2014 travel trends.

Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia lighthouse (3)

Most Americans can’t even find Estonia on a map, but believe me, it’s worth the trip. It was part of the former USSR until 1991, but it’s actually a Baltic nation—just a ferry ride away from Helsinki.

The capital city of Tallin is ultra-modern (almost all of Estonia is covered with wireless internet access and has been so for years) and yet its Old Town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) looks like it’s out of a fairy tale, with cobblestone streets and medieval turrets and towers.

The country is small, only 17,000 square miles, which makes it easy to travel from Tallinn to other major cities like Tartu and Parnu, and into nature where there are wild, white-sand beaches and dense forest land.

Another fun part about Estonia is also how easy it is to get to other countries: Try the two-hour Tallink ferry to Helsinki, or an overnight ferry to Stockholm on Tallink Victoria; there’s a bus to Riga, Latvia, complete with karaoke. Or, jump on the overnight bus route to St. Petersburg, Russia.