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Travel Tip: Popup Events in Hotels

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There are certain things we expect to see in hotels: a check-in desk, a bellhop, a concierge. But lately, you may have seen a service or event in a hotel, and then it just disappears. Welcome to the brave new world of popup events in hotels.

Popup restaurants aren’t exactly new. The idea is chefs and bartenders will take over a space temporarily, whether it’s in a shop, another restaurant or a warehouse. So why not a hotel? The Hotel Astor in South Beach recently had a pop-up cocktail bar and the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove had a pop-up Indian restaurant. OK, it’s really no different than any special dinner event, but these are all open to the public—and are usually surrounded by a lot of buzz.

It’s not just restaurants that are popping up. The hipster-friendly Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn has a curated popup shop in its lobby, where you can buy locally made goods.

And let’s not overlook the concept of popup offices. Hotel 1000 in Seattle offers work spaces starting at $15 a day—but the location inside the hotel changes daily.

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