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The Silliest Travel Gadgets from CES 2014 & Smarter Alternatives

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Don’t Pack: LG Lifeband Touch (Goes on sale later this year, $179)

The market is not saturated with fitness trackers. However, the price for this little band does not fit. It is considered a smartwatch, but is also meant to track your daily exercise. A couple of downsides to this watch are the lack of battery life and the fact that it is not waterproof.

Do Pack: Garmin Vivofit (March 2014, $129)

Now this little workout band, which wraps around your entire wrist, really keeps track of your daily exercise. After using this fitness band a few times, the band will generate daily goals. Each day there will be a daily goal, a goal countdown, reminders and it also tracks your progress. To top it off, the band is water resistant and the battery life can last up to a year.