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The Silliest Travel Gadgets from CES 2014 & Smarter Alternatives

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Don’t Pack: NAVIGATE Jacket (Details on pricing and availability not yet released)

The NAVIGATE Jacket is a unique attempt at wearing your GPS. Instead of using your smartphone for directions, you sync the phone with the jacket. The app will store the location into the jacket GPS and then directions will light up on the sleeves followed by vibrations when it is time to turn. This jacket just screams, “Hey world, I am lost but my jacket knows the way.”

Do Pack: Schwinn CycleNav (Available Spring 2014, $59.99)

This reasonably priced Bluetooth device clips onto your bicycle and allows you to navigate to a new destination. CycleNav has an audible option, ability to create custom routes, provides time and distance, as well as light up the way when it is dark. This little bicycle GPS also records different statistics from your trip, like calories burned and duration.