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The Silliest Travel Gadgets from CES 2014 & Smarter Alternatives

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Not every travel gadget is an innovation. At this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, there were a handful of not-so-cutting edge products that missed the mark. Siena Mazero calls out eight of the sillier travel gadgets and offers up eight smarter swaps.


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Don’t Pack: CSR Bluetooth Jewelery ($99 for Starter Development Kit)

This piece of jewelry offers a new way of staying in touch with your smartphone, even when you’re not near it. Using Bluetooth technology with a small lithium battery, the necklace is programmed to light up different colors for different smartphone notifications. The downside is that you have no idea who is calling or texting.

Do Pack: Pebble Steel Smartwatch ($249)

The price may be high but this stainless steel watch offers more than smartphone notifications. This smartwatch has several different apps available like Yelp, which is synced with your smartphone’s GPS, Pandora and Foursquare. Along with those widely used apps, Pebble recently launched its new IOS app that shows your car mileage; tire pressure and how much fuel is in the gas tank.