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Aircraft Recycling: You Won’t Believe What Was Once a Plane!

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In the next five years, 8,000 to 10,000 aircraft will be retired. So what’s going to happen to the planes? It used to be that retired aircraft were sent to a boneyard where the parts essentially became scrap metal. But now something more creative is starting to come together. It’s all about aircraft recycling.

Aircraft are now becoming furniture. A former 747 could now become desks, chairs and other household goods thanks to a one-of-a kind designer at Motoart in El Segundo, California.

It’s more than just having airplane in your house. An airplane could BE your house. Repurposed planes are the basis for homes around the world. You’ll find a 747 transformed into a Malibu mansion as well as a 727 that’s now a hotel in Costa Rica.

On the latest episode of The Travel Detective, Peter shared the unbelievable stories of retired aircraft that are rebuilt into furniture, hotels and homes. Watch his report to see the surprising second lives of aircraft.

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