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Travel Tip: How to Take a Better Selfie

Sony NEX-5TChances are, you’ve heard someone use the term “selfie.” It’s basically the latest craze of taking a photo of yourself…and it’s something that solo travelers have been doing for years.

Sure, you can always use the reverse camera feature on your smartphone, but the quality isn’t always great. Or hold the camera up in the air but you inevitably get your own arm in the frame.

A tripod is the best way to hold a camera steady, but of course that’s not convenient. So as a solution, check out the Gorillapod – it’s a small, bendable arm that attaches to both cameras and iPhones.

If you have a separate DSLR camera, check out Trigger Trap. It’s an app that uses your phone to trigger the camera to take the photo.

And, of course, nothing beats a quality camera. Sony’s NEX-5T is small enough to fit in a purse, but has the same full lens as a pro camera. And it’s got a 4-way, flip-up screen so you can actually see what’s in the frame when you snap that all-important selfie.

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