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Travel Detective Tip: How to Avoid Hotel Bed Bugs

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bed_bugsChances are, you’ve heard of the bed bug outbreak in recent years. Well guess what? If you look at the real numbers, this is a story that’s been over reported. A very effective marketing campaign by private exterminators has created an environment of fear.

Hotel bed bugs do exist, but they aren’t waiting in every room to bite you. You just need to be armed with some basic information should you run into these critters.

Once you check into the hotel room, do a thorough check. Examine the sheets, the cracks in the mattress and even the corners of the carpet.

Then make sure you don’t bring bed bugs back home. Avoid the luggage rack, keep your suitcase covered in plastic and place all clothes in a dryer on high upon your return.

To stay safe from bed bugs, watch this exclusive Travel Detective tip from Travel Correspondent Tracy Gallagher.

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