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The Airlines That Will and Won’t Allow In Flight Phone Calls

The FCC has yet to change its policy regarding cell phones calls in flight, but airlines are already making preemptive statements. Some are excited by the new technology, some are strongly against it, and most have employed a wait-and-see approach.

Based on preliminary statements to the press, here are the airlines that will and won’t allow in flight phone calls.

Shh! No Calls on these Flights:

  • Delta
  • Southwest
  • Virgin America

Policy in Review with Reservations:

  • JetBlue
  • United

No Comment:

  • US Airways

Waiting to Decide

  • American

Watch Peter Greenberg’s latest CBS Evening News report to see why airlines might consider in flight phones calls, the arguments against, what it will do for the airlines’ bottom line and the airfare and fees travelers will pay.

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