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Travel Tip: How Theme Park Line Hopper Passes Work

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A lot of amusement parks have line hopper passes. But it helps to know HOW they work. bigstock_Universal_Studios_Entrance_13509941

With Disney’s FastPass, a certain amount of time has to pass before you can get another one. So take some time to study the park map to see what’s close together. Otherwise you could time running between rides or waiting around. Get the pass for your favorite ride first, and then head to one that doesn’t require a pass. Chances are, by the time you are done with that one, it’ll be time to get a second pass. THEN you redeem that first one.

Six Flags has a Flash Pass that gives you specific reservation times. There three tiers—the more you pay, the less you wait.

But at smaller parks, don’t assume that spending more money is worth it.

At Universal Studios Hollywood, you can avoid the lines by going in the off season or getting a Front of the Line Pass. But don’t do both, or you might get through the park little TOO fast. As in, wondering why you spent all that money only to go home early.

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