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Travel Tip: Don’t Forget Amtrak Offers Rail Passes

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Have you ever heard of an Amtrak rail pass? I bet you haven’t because Amtrak has done a terrible job of letting you know it exists.

Believe it or not, there’s a 15-day pass and it’s good for anywhere Amtrak goes and it’s under $500. So, in one 15 day period, you can stop and see all you’re dysfunctional relatives. And if you want to take the kids, it’s half-price for children under 15.

One caution, the high-speed Acela service isn’t included in the deal. But, with Amtrak remember “high speed” is relative.

As a general rule of thumb, don’t expect on time arrivals. Long-haul cross-country journeys, like Dallas to Los Angeles, are rarely on time. But, it’s not about saving time. It’s about saving money, seeing the country, maybe even talking to your seat mate.

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