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Say What? Meet the Travel Psychic Linda Lauren

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You expect a psychic to ask your birthday, tell you your sign and read your chart. But not a travel psychic. Peter Greenberg sat down with Linda Lauren to find out how astrology and travel intersect. Here’s a hint: It’s not just about whether Mercury is in retrograde.

Peter Greenberg: So Linda, I was born on January 20 so I am on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius. If Capricorn says don’t travel and Aquarius says good day to go, I go.

LL: OK, but I have to tell you, none of that really works with your energy.

Basically when you are traveling, you really have to work with the date of your travel. Not the date you were born or your sign.

PG: Wait, are you telling me there’s certain months of the year I should never leave my house?

LL: No, never. I would never close a door on anything like that. When a client comes to see me, they will bring dates that they’re leaving, their itinerary, they’ll bring me pictures of places they’re going, the hotel they might be staying, how they might be traveling, their birthdates.

I look at their energy as a whole. When you put together all those elements of the travel plans and your actual energy, you have a better travel experience.

PG: OK, so we all talk about Mercury being in retrograde, but what about Mars?

LL: I don’t really think the planets have much to do with knowing the energy. You have to know your own energy. Do you meditate at all?

PG: I just meditate on mileage.

LL: If you are mindful and you go within, and you really take some time to silence yourself and breath, you have a better way of knowing where you’re going, how your getting there.

Forget Mars, forget Mercury, you’re not working with them. You have to work with that energy, that’s what gives you the best trip.