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Know Before You Go

Know Before You Go: 5 Steps to Take Control of Your Travels

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This week, TSA announced a major expansion for Pre-Check, but you don’t necessarily need to pay $85 to beat the crowds and travel like a pro. The secret is to Know Before You Go.

This week, we’re showing you how to take control of your travels. Here are five insider secrets you can master to beat the Christmas and Thanksgiving crunch.

Learn five of the most popular tricks from from Alyssa Caverley’s Know Before You Go travel series, secrets to beating the airlines, airports and even the TSA at its own game. Follow along to see how to select the best seats, breeze through security, mimic premium comforts on the plane, beat jet lag, and even get travel back on track amid mass delays.

5. How to Pick the Best Airplane Seats

Let’s face it, there are very few amazing airline seats in coach. And scoring the good seats getting harder. But, if you devote some care and attention into when and how you book, you still have a chance to score a pretty comfortable seat in coach.

4. Find the Fastest Way Through TSA Security

Getting through security in the airport can be one of the most exhausting and stressful part of your trip. But there are a few things you can do to speed up the process and breeze through TSA screenings. It’s all about dressing right and packing properly.

3.  Practice Proper Packing for the Plane

If you’re lucky enough to fly in Business Class or above, they’ll provide all the extras that used to come standard with flying. For the rest of us flying out there, a little bit of preparation can help mimic some of the premium-class comforts. It starts with the right packing list for the plane.

2.  Beat Jet Lag

When you’re switching time zones, jet lag is your biggest enemy. The good news is that there are proven ways to avoid feeling like a zombie for your entire trip.

1.  Keep Your Travels on Track Even if Your Flight is Canceled

According to DOT statistics, in a one-year span, more than 20 percent of flights didn’t arrive on time. When bad weather hits flights get canceled, then subsequent flights get delayed and soon thousands of travelers are stranded. Don’t get stuck in the herd. How to get your travel back on track amid mass delays.

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