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Travel Tip: Hotels with Grocery Service

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When you’re on the road for a while, what’s the one thing you miss most about home? Your bed? Your bathroom? Or is it…the home-cooked food? The good news is some hotels are coming up with creative solutions.

In New York, Affinia Hotels has partnered with local grocery delivery service FreshDirect. For a fee, they’ll stock your kitchen with snacks and pre-packaged meals.

Marriott’s Residence Inn offers free grocery delivery as well as a market that has all the basics on site—it’s self-serve and open 24/7.

Guests at Homewood Suites can fill out their own grocery list, either in your room or online. Give the list to the front desk by 9am and you can have groceries the same day.

Even if a hotel doesn’t offer supermarket service, there is a DIY option. Ask housekeeping to empty out your minibar and fill it up with your own groceries.

The best part about doing it yourself is that you have options—whether it’s healthy food or simply your favorite snacks—and that’ll make you feel a lot more at home in your hotel room.

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