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Travel Tip: Watching TV Live in the Air and at the Airport

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JetBlue LogoIt’s no big surprise to come across on-demand TV and movies when we travel. But now the next trend is live streaming—as in, watching the news and sports in real time.

Southwest Airlines has broken new ground by partnering up with Dish. That lets you access live TV on your own personal electronic device while you’re in flight. You just connect your iPad or other Wi-Fi-enabled device, and you can watch 13 live TV channels. And yes, it’s all free.

We’ve seen a similar option with satellite TV in the seat-back screens. JetBlue does that through DirecTV, with 36 live channels for free. Virgin America uses a system called Red, which streams news and cable channels.

And it’s not all taking place in the air. AWG now has a program to stream  CNN Airport Network to your iOS or Android devices. That’s the news and sports channel you see in airports around the country, only now, you can actually watch it on your own device. Right now it’s only available in Miami International Airport, but trust me, this is a trend that’s going to keep on growing.

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