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Travel Tip: How to Protect Your Travels in Hurricane Season

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HurricaneWe’re coming up on the most active time of year for hurricanes. There are no guarantees, but there are some ways to protect your travels in hurricane season.

Planning a trip to the Caribbean? Your best bet is to head to southern islands outside of the main hurricane belt—namely, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

But remember, that location also means the landscape is more arid, and less green than you might expect on a Caribbean island. And nature is unpredictable. Grenada, which is also a more southerly island, got nailed by Hurricane Ivan a few years ago.

Several resorts on hurricane-prone islands may provide some kind of protection. But always read the fine print. On the Grand Cayman, the Westin on Seven Mile Beach will replace your vacation if it’s disrupted by a hurricane. But that only applies if you literally can’t get there because the airport or the hotel is closed by an official hurricane. Not if your vacation simply gets rained out.

Of course, travel insurance is also an option, but you have to purchase it BEFORE a hurricane is named, or your out-of-pocket expenses won’t be covered.

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