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Travel Tip: Visiting Sacred Native American Sites

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When someone refers to sacred Native American sites, you might think only of burial grounds or closed-off archeological areas. But the fact is, there are a number of important sites that are accessible to the public—and are entirely worth the journey.

You may not know that Crater Lake in Oregon has long been considered a spiritual site for the Klamath Indians. Today it’s part of a national park that’s still a hotspot for hikers in search of vision quests.

The Etowah Indian Mounds in Georgia is just a day trip from Atlanta and it’s the most intact Mississippian culture site in the region.

The Lakota of the Black Hills Wind Cave in South Dakota is known as the place where the Lakota emerged onto the earth. It was sacred to bot the Lakota and Cheyenne, and it’s also the fourth longest cave on earth. We’re talking more than 132 miles of underground passageways.

And for a real sense of history, you want to head to—Wisconsin! That’s right, the Oneida Nation has programs that showcase the legacy and history of the native Americans, with hands-on workshops and a huge Pow Wow each year.

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons user Zainubrazvi