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Travel Tip: On-Demand Entertainment on Buses, Trains & Planes

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We’ve all come to expect connectivity and entertainment in hotels. And the good news is these options are becoming more common in other areas of the travel world.

For a few years now, intercity buses have offered Wi-Fi onboard. It’s part of the reason why they’ve become such a viable alternative to air and rail travel. Now Greyhound and BoltBus are upping the ante with entertainment systems. We’re talking on-demand movies, games and Internet at your seat. It’s only available on limited routes right now, but is being rolled out over time.

Wi-Fi on Amtrak is becoming more common, and the Canadian rail system is following suit. Right now, Internet available for free on most VIA Rail trains between Quebec City and Windsor, and between Montreal and Halifax.

And sure, it’s no surprise that most airlines offer Internet service for a fee. But what’s the point if your device dies mid-flight? You want to opt for the planes that actually have power outlets to keep your electronics charged. That’s why Virgin America is such a standout, because it has AC power ports in every seat, even in coach.

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