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Radio Guest List–Willamette Valley, Oregon–August 3, 2013

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There’s something very special about Oregon. The untamed coast, the air, and the sense of community. Nowhere is that more evident than in Oregon wine country. In particular the Willamette Valley. It’s a young business. The wine pioneers planted the first grapes just about 42 years ago, but Oregon — especially in the world of Pinot Noir — has come into its own.

Tune in this weekend, as Peter broadcasts from the Sokol Blosser winery, one of the originals in Oregon, but still family owned and run — and with a determination for slow growth and a model of true sustainability with everything from the soil to the glass they use, to how they irrigate and even use solar.

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Featured guests include:

Scott McCartney, Travel Editor for the Wall Street Journal, discusses airlines mergers and the anxiety of not having an assigned seat on the plane.

Kurt Repanshek, founder and editor of National Parks Traveler, gives the inside scoop on his autumn guide to national parks, where to watch wildlife, take advantage of scenic drives, and great hiking spots.

Mimi Casteel, owner of Bethel Heights Vineyards, discusses the history of this vineyard started by two families, and give her tips on seeing the area like a local.

Patrick Smith, columnist and founder of, speakes about his new book Cockpit Confidential and the truth about pilots, flight safety, and turbulence.

Vitaly Paley, chef and owner of three restaurants in Portland, defines northwest cuisine and discuss his favorite dishes this summer and what he loves about the Portland area.

Bob Morus, winegrower and president of Phelps Creek Vineyard, odders background information on his family’s boutique winery and discusses their various vintages.

Doug Tunnell, founder of Brick House Vineyards, tells the story of the winery, how the industry in Oregon has exploded and the complexities of his own wines.

Hugo Martin, business writer for travel and tourism in the Los Angeles Times, talks about the most important summer travel trends.

Chef Sunny Jin, executive chef at Jory restaurant in the Allison Inn & Spa, discusses what he loves about Oregon and its cuisine, and ingredients he loves to include in his cooking.

Alison Sokol Blosser, owner of Sokol Blosser Winery, describes the company her family created and how it helped introduce Oregon wines to the rest of the country.

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