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Travel Tip: Smartphones for Backup

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These days, your smartphone has a lot more to offer than Wi-Fi and phone calls. You can even use your phone for backup support on your next trip.

Remember the old rule about Xeroxing your passport? Hard copies, laminated, are always a good idea. But you also want to keep digital copies of your passport, driver’s license, and medical prescriptions for backup.

Your smartphone can also do more than keep your calendar. Thanks to apps like TripIt and Passbook, a phone can store a year’s worth of travel itineraries and boarding passes.

When renting a car or booking a hotel room, take pictures right away, so you don’t get nailed for someone else’s mistake.

And, when checking your bag at the airport, take pictures to show the condition it was in before the airline takes it.

Now, smartphones are only as smart as their users. So do double duty by backing up your phone, and install a locator app like “Find my iPhone” to track a lost phone. Or…if needed, to wipe all your personal data from potential thieves.

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Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons user Danrok