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Radio Guest List-Titlis Mountain, Switzerland-July 13, 2013

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Switzerland all too often gets the stink eye from other countries due to its high living standard and unwavering neutrality policy during wartime, but it’s for those same reasons that it has one of the highest percentages of expats in the world. Switzerland doesn’t attribute all its success to its preference for peace (or the cuckoo clock, believe it or not) – other factors include chocolate, cheese, and… gondolas? To learn more about what sets Switzerland apart, tune in to Peter’s live broadcast from Titlis Mountain, Engelberg this Saturday.

Click here to listen to the show streaming live from 10 am until 1 pm ET on Saturday, July 13, 2013.

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Featured guests include:

Peter Reinle, leader of the Titlis Cliff Walk project, talks about what it was like to build the bridge, the struggles faced during the project, and what’s next for Titlis.

Diana Marx, freelance European tour guide and founder of  Think Act Be Yoga, talks European attractions, travel yoga and retreats, and trending hotspots.

Michelle Gisin, FIS World Cup skier, talks about her life as a 19-year-old competitive skier living in Engelberg, Switzerland with her sports-oriented family.

Judith Odermatt, founder of Show Cheese Factory Engelberg, talks about being the founder of the only show cheese factory within a monastery, as well as the steps to making Swiss-style cheese.

Dr. Diana Barber, hospitality law professor at Georgia State University, talks about how her class ended up in Engelberg, why sustainability affects all aspects of travel, and which destinations in Europe are getting ahead in sustainable tourism.

Maya Spaar, second-generation owner of Quattro Sport, talks about the success story of her business, life in a small town, visitors, and popular sale seasons.

Anselm Toengi, ski patroller, cheese-maker, and trained carpenter, reminisces about rescue stories and ski accidents, and talks about his own travels in more than 40 countries and why he always comes back.

Mike Bacher, historian and author of the book 100 Years of TITLIS, talks about his new book all things Engelberg, including what makes it a favored destination, from its cable cars to its appearance in Bollywood films.

Anna Bladh, an expat from Sweden, talks about living in a country with one of the highest expat populations in the world, her favorite parts of Switzerland, and why she encourages people to move there.

Thomas Dittruch, hotel developer of renovation for the first five star in Engelberg, talks about where visitors stay in Engelberg, where they come from, and what might surprise you about when they visit.

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