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Travel Tip: New Museum Exhibits this Summer

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When school is out, family-friendly attractions unveil all their new experiences. So here’s what’s you want to look out for this summer

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is opening its new Blacktip Reef exhibit, which is all part of a huge 260,000-gallon coral reef ecosystem. The cool thing about it is you’re not just observing from one angle—there’s a viewing window that actually curves into the reef, and you can see the exhibit from three sides.

In Los Angeles, the Natural History Museum is in the midst of a 12-year, $135 million overhaul.

The most recent upgrade? A 3 and a half- acre nature garden and laboratory where you can see scientists at work.  They’ve incorporated plenty of hands-on elements with a “get dirty” zone and workshops for kids.

Some museums are going cutting edge. Several museums in New York are developing apps to get you even more information through your smartphone.

As soon as this summer, you’ll be able to photograph a plant at the New York Botanical Garden, and an app will explain how cultures around the world have used it for health and wellness.

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Photo Credit Hu Totya