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Travel Tip: Airplane Cabin Upgrades

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Air travel may not be the most pleasant experience, but the good news is some airlines are trying to improve their cabins to make your flying time go a little faster.

JetBlue, the airline known for having only one class of service, may soon change the configuration of their aircraft.

Airbus filed the papers with the FAA to install four mini-suites as part of a 16-seat business class section. And we might see this change as soon as 2014.

After being grounded by the FAA, the Dreamliner is flying again, and that means you can check out the cutting-edge cabin. We’re talking lower cabin pressure and more humidity, a quieter air-conditioning system, and even mood lighting that’s designed to fight jetlag.

American Airlines is rebranding its entire fleet, and on the Boeing 777-300 ER, they’re planning for economy seats with more legroom, Wi-Fi, power outlets and USB jacks in every seat.

Alaska Airlines is spending $100 million on cabin upgrades. That includes those all-important power outlets and a new in-flight entertainment system that can stream movies and television shows to any device with Wi-Fi.

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