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Travel Tip: Healthier National Park Food

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You probably don’t associate healthy food with the outdoors. More like hot dogs and marshmallows, right? But head to a national park this summer and you may find some surprising options.

The National Park Service has issued a new set of guidelines that includes healthier, more sustainable food options. Don’t worry, the pizzas and sandwiches will still be there….but it’s all about having options.

The way it works is national parks have contracts with concessioners, which sell to about 280 million visitors in a year. And if customers want healthier options, it benefits those companies to provide it. In fact, some of them started this trend a few years ago.

The group that handles food and beverages for Shenandoah National Park already sources about 90 percent of its menu items from within 200 miles. Ask and they can probably even tell you which farm it came from .

And at Muir Woods National Monument, the café wasn’t always known for having great food. But today, you can find items like locally sourced produce and cheese, as well as plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.

So, maybe after you finish that hike, you will opt for the healthier offering!

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