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Does Hotel Room Service Matter Anymore?

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New York City’s biggest hotel, the New York Hilton, announced that it will cease room service operations in August. The resounding response: who cares?

It may seem like the end of an era, but room service revenue has taken a nose dive in recent years. According to research firm PKF Hospitality Research, in 2012, room service accounted for just over 1.2 percent of standard hotel revenue.

We all like to have the option of room service, but most people don’t want to pay $15 for a pot of coffee or $30 for a burger, especially when there are cheaper options that are equally convenient. Even silver-platter service and those adorable miniature ketchup bottles can’t measure up to more affordable options down the street.

Instead, hotels are offering more on grab ‘n’ go options, whether it’s a coffee shop in the lobby or expanded minibar options. At the New York Hilton, guests will have the option of shopping or dining at a gourmet food market inside the hotel.

Check out Peter’s report on CBS This Morning and tell us if the demise of room service will impact your travel plans.

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