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The 10 Worst Travelers You’ll See This Summer

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Summer travel means crowds and all too often crowds of the worst kinds of travelers–the ugly Americans, the whining children, the skimpy-swimsuit wearers, the people with the cameras that always gets in our way. Here are the 10 worst travelers you’ll see this summer. See their travel failures and vote in our poll below for the worst offender.

The Fanny-Pack Tourist

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons User PlotSpoiler

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons User PlotSpoiler

Socks and sandals, zinc on the nose, and a fanny pack paint the image of the typical tourist (or at least Chevy Chase in any of his vacation movies). At least this individual is pretty harmless to others. Their only sins are to the fashion gods. And if you ever need any hand sanitizer/sunblock/trail mix you know their packing heat.

The Too Much Skin Traveler

Everyone has body flaws. Everyone should dress for their shape. (most people don’t) Wearing a speedo as an out of shape man pushing 70 is probably not the best look. Actually I take that back. Rock it out like this guy! Fewer tan lines for you!

The Ugly American

They are loud and proud. Their colors don’t run…and you wish they would. This type makes a strong showing in the summer. When you encounter them you wonder why they even left the US? Because according to their loud commentary, no pizza will ever be as good as back home and they don’t understand why all the portion sizes are too small. Do us all a favor and stay on the home soil.

The Show Off


Image Credit: Justin Brockie

Every tour group, classroom, learning environment in the world has one of these. You know the person who right as the teacher is about to let you go early raises their hands and asks a lengthy question just to demonstrate what they know? They’ll turn a question around so they can ramble on and on about their only semi relevant additional knowledge. Stick this person in a tour group and he/she will connect every experience to something they know something about. Regardless of how little it pertains to anyone else.

The Too-Cool-for-School Traveler


Credit: Richard Faulder

They’ve been to the coolest spots in the world, they wear a super expensive camera around their neck and only stay at the coolest hippest spots. Part of the point of traveling is to get excited, be enthralled, and see new things. Being bored and rolling your eyes takes away from the experience. For you or anybody else…Not that they’d ever be caught dead in a tour group.

The Social Media Oversharer


They check in, tweet, tag, and upload every destination there is. You know what they had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and their afternoon snack because they instagrammed a picture of each one. You’re happy for your friend who got to take a vacation, but you don’t need every social media feed jammed up with their entire days activities. We’ve all seen an omlette people.

The Family You Wish Had Stayed Home


Obviously summer time is the time for family trips. And most of these nuclear units are fine… but sometimes they are not. Sometimes parents give up and let their children run wild all over the park, beach, or wherever they are. Or they go the opposite way and leash their children. (I know it makes your life easier I just think its very weird.)

Frat Brahs and Sorority Sistahs

They fist pump and whoo hoo their way to the beaches of Mexico and Florida. They take selfies in their bathing suits and drink tequila for breakfast. If your hotel room is next to theirs I would demand a reimbursement. No one needs to listen to LMFAO played through and adjoining wall till 430am. Then they probably pass out and forget to turn off the music.

The Sticky Kid

It’s like they took an ice cream cone and poured it all over themselves. then they ran over and introduced themselves to you. Or maybe they ate all that ice cream then sat in front of you on a roller coaster…good luck.

The Over Documenter of Every Moment

These days we’re lucky that we can capture any and every moment our heart desires. Unfortunately people are forgetting how to live in the moment and are only concerned with getting a photo of such. Take the picture then put the camera down! Sunsets are meant to be enjoyed not recorded second by second.

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