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The Wild Side of the Panama Canal: Hidden Gems of Panama

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The Panama Canal does not just connect the Atlantic with Pacific. Between these two oceans and the famous locks is a culture unique to the canal. And the Gatun Lake is where you’ll find it. Yes, it’s a little bit wild, but that’s part of its charm.

Peter set off with Captain Carl Davis, founder of Jungle Land Panama. Originally from the South, Captain Carl has made the canal his home for the last 10 years. Not only does he know each of the boats on the canal and their purpose, he’s also friendly with the local wildlife that inhabits the waterway between Panama City and Col├│n. On the Gatun Lake, which makes up 75 percent of the canal, your closest friends may be monkeys. And that’s how Peter got to play catch with Captain Carl’s drinking buddy Pablo, a White-Throated Capuchin monkey.

Watch Peter’s latest Hidden Gems to see what happens between the Atlantic and Pacific locks of the Panama canal.

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