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Travel Tip: The Best Airport Rest Areas from around the World

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Between delays and long layovers, we’re all expecting to spend extra time in airports. Major airport hubs in foreign countries figured it out a long time ago—people like to have options: whether it’s eating and shopping…or napping and showering

Changi in Singapore has quiet rest areas with lounge chairs in all its terminals. It also has transit hotels, where you rent a room in 6-hour blocks.

At Incheon in Seoul, you can not only sleep in the rest and relax zone, but you can also shower for free.

The airports in Hong Kong and Amsterdam also have great rest areas.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for airports in the U.S., but some are improving. Minute Suites have moved into the airports of Atlanta, Dallas-Ft.Worth, and Philadelphia, where you can rent a space with a bed, desk and Wi-Fi. A shower is going to cost you extra.

SFO has a meditation room that’s designed for a little peace and quiet. And there’s a spot called Freshen Up, where for $15, you get access to a 30-minute shower.

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