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Travel Tip: Protecting Yourself from the Latest Travel Scams

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It’s another week, another round of travel scams.  Here’s what’s happening  and how you can protect yourself. With people thinking about summer travel, would-be scammers are looking for their next victims.

The Better Business Bureau has reports of mailings claiming that you’ve won two free round-trip airline tickets.

They use fake airline names that sound like the real thing, with a legitimate-looking logo. Ever flown on United Airways? How about US Airlines? No, neither have I.

The letter will tell you to call an 800 number to redeem your prize. Once you get on the phone, you know what happens…someone at the other end will want a deposit, your personal information, or will give you a high-pressure sales pitch.

Look at the fine print closely and remember this rule of thumb: Airlines are in the business of making money, not giving seats away.

The websites Scambook and the Consumerist both track travel scams, so check their archives—a lot of travel scams have been around in some shape or form for years.

For more information, read our recent tip on the Southwest Ticket Scam.

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