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Travel Light! The Scottevest Summer Sweepstakes

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Carry on more this summer with our latest summer sweepstakes. This summer we’re giving away new Scottevest Travel Vests that offer a little support for all your carry-on needs. The vests have 17 to 24 hidden pockets that allow you to carry travel documents, ID, smartphone, sunglasses, keys, a digital camera (and memory card), a tablet, a bottle of water, and much more.

Take it from CEO and founder Scott Jordan, who noted:

“I created Scottevest out of my own necessity. I was doing a lot of traveling and always digging into my bags or handing my gadgets off to my wife to carry. The idea behind Scottevest was to come up with an easy way to keep all my stuff on me, while making sure it is safe and secure. I will never go back to living and traveling without it.”

To enter this sweepstakes head over to Facebook. Guys, check out Peter Greenberg’s page. Women, go to the Scottevest page. On Facebook, you’ll find the live link to enter the sweepstakes.

Congratulations to our first winners were Wendee & John.

We’ll be drawing one more winner on Thursday June 6. Winner will be announced on and on Facebook.