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Travel Tip: When to Book Summer Airfare

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We all know the airfares rise in the summer, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be at the airlines mercy all season long. Instead, it’s all about finding the right times and the right strategy.

First up, try to avoid Memorial Day, July 4 or Labor Day travel. On these peak travel periods, it’s almost impossible to find a deal because everyone is competing for limited seats.

Instead, look to book your summer travel 35-45 days out and aim for mid-week dates whenever you can.

There is some good news: According to Priceline, the average domestic airfare for August is $377, or 1.5 percent lower than last year.

When it comes to summer travel, rethink HOW you travel. Instead of picking a destination and looking for a deals, look for the best locations on the days you want to travel.

The best way to score a summer deal is to be as flexible as possible. Subscribe to airfare alerts even if it means filling up your inbox: AirfareWatchdog has them, as well as Travelzoo, Cheapoair, Hotwire, and Expedia.

And then when you see a deal…that’s when you jump and plan your summer vacation.

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