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Travel Tip: Pay As You Weigh

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Over the years, there’s always someone who has the brilliant idea of charging airline passengers by weight.

Well, guess what? One airline took that seriously! Samoa Air announced that it will require passengers to type in their weight and the weight of their baggage when booking online.

This idea has gotten a lot of attention, but are airport scales the wave of the future?

A recent study found that 4 out of 10 Americans would NOT mind being publicly weighed at the airport.

But in reality, that idea would be almost impossible for an airline implement. Think about how long it takes to weigh checked bags and now imagine every passenger taking off their shoes and stepping on the scale.

That same survey also noted that almost 63 percent of travelers believe that a passenger should be required to buy a second seat if they can’t fit in a single seat with the armrest down.

And you know what? That’s already in place: Southwest has a policy that a customer of size may have to purchase a second seat, and other airlines determine that on a case-by-case basis.

So when it comes to the pay-as-you-weigh idea…never say never.

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