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Travel Tip: Hotels for Solo Travel

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When you’re traveling solo, you might opt for a B&B or couchsurfing to increase your odds of socializing. But more and more hotels are coming up with ways for people to mix and mingle on the road.

In Arizona, the folks at Miraval Resort & Spa get that solo guests don’t necessarily want to dine along. So they have a communal table at the Cactus Flower restaurant that you can sign up for every night.

Across the country, Kimpton Hotels around the country offer a wine hour every night—it’s free and all guests are invited.

On top of that, look for special events like magicians at the Monaco in Seattle, or a tarot card reader or pet pyschic in Portland.

Or take advantage of classes within your hotel. At the InterContinental Montreal, you and other guests can learn to make absinthe cocktails at the hotel bar.

It’s not all about eating and drinking. At the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica you can focus on wellness with yoga, pilates, core conditioning, spinning, and kickboxing classes.  It starts $10 a day for access to the gym but covers all the classes you want to take.

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