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Travel Tip: Airline Regulation News

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There’s been a lot of talk about airline regulations in the news, so here’s the latest on what’s happening in the travel space.

Recently, the Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal of Spirit Airlines vs. Department of Transportation, which means regulations set by the DOT will be upheld.

What that means for you is you’ll see the full price of an airline ticket—taxes and fees included. They can still give you a breakdown of government taxes and fees, but it can’t be shown prominently.

I consider that a win, because you can do real price comparisons. It’s fine to know how much of a cut the government is getting, but that’s not going to change your bottom line.

This price disclosure is part of a bigger initiative from the DOT, which also includes increased compensation for lost luggage, long tarmac delays, and involuntary bumping.

Now, over in the European Union, they’re starting to fight for some similar legislation, especially in cases of stranded passengers, re-routing, and complaint procedures.

Bottom line, while there may be dozens of points of abuse in the travel process, at least we’re seeing the tide turning in some parts of air travel.

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