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Travel Tip: The Friendliest Countries For Travelers

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Iceland - Northern Lights2 (2)Ever travel to another country and get the feeling you’re not wanted? Turns out, it may not be you.

A recent study from The World Economic Forum ranked countries on their competitiveness in the travel and tourism sphere. The larger study weighed factors like airlift, ground transportation, and security. But one specific area looked at how welcome foreign visitors are in the country.

Forget about the old myth about the French being rude. It’s actually Bolivia that was rated the least friendly, followed by Venezuela.

The most welcoming place in the world? Iceland! If the north is not where you want to go, head south to New Zealand, which holds down the number two spot as the friendliest country to visit.

Apparently the U.S. has some work to do, ranking at 102 out of 140.

But in my opinion, no list should make your decisions for you. Even in the least supportive countries, it’s simply a matter of being prepared, organizing hotels and transportation ahead of time, and learning some of the local customs. Arm yourself with information and resources, and there’s practically nowhere in the world that’s off limits.

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