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FAA to Lift Ban on Electronic Gadgets? A CBS This Morning Report

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Last year, the FAA allowed pilots to begin using iPads inside the cockpit. This opened up the question, if pilots are allowed to use these electronic devices, why are passengers required to turn them off upon takeoff and landing?

In the last 25 years, both the FAA and outside labs have tested every electronic device amplified to 100 times the radio frequency to determine whether there could be cockpit interference.

Right now, as per a New York Times report, the FAA is looking into allowing tablets and e-readers to be used throughout the duration of the flight. Cell phones will still be required to be on “airplane mode,”  since cell phones are governed by the FCC, and not the FAA.

Watch Peter’s latest CBS This Morning report to see what’s going to change, when it’s going to change, and how travelers will benefit.

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