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Travel Tips: Technology of the Future

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It’s not easy keeping up with technology. But now we’re hearing about some cutting-edge gadgets that will help travelers get an even better experience.


You’ve heard of a smartphone, but how about a smartwatch? Sony has a smart wristwatch load

And there’s some speculation about Apple developing an iWatch.ed with social-media applications and Google Play.

The obvious benefit is that you can access communication tools through your watch, while keeping your phone and camera safely tucked away. For a traveler, this is an affordable option that lets you protect the more expensive devices.

The other big story for travelers is Google Glass. These are literally glasses that you will be able to wear and record activities in real time, check out maps, or track your location through GPS.

The benefits for travelers are enormous, especially if you can get information without being glued to your smartphone.

But even if these tools become an everyday reality, here’s my advice.

Put down the gadgets once in a while. Forget about documenting your every moment, and don’t worry so much about always being connected. Sometimes no technology is better than too much technology.

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