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Radio Guest List–L’Ermitage Beverly Hills–March 9, 2013

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There have been a lot of changes in travel this week…The TSA reversed the policy on knives and sporting goods, the FAA cracked down on Dreamliner safety and the sequester cuts have started.  So what do these changes mean for everyday travel? Tune into Peter Greenberg Worldwide this weekend to find out what the headlines mean for you. Broadcasting from L’Ermitage Beverly Hills, Peter looks at the latest headlines and examines what’s new in California travel this spring.

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Featured guests include:

Hugo Martin, business writer focusing on travel and tourism for the Los Angeles Times, examines the inconsistencies in the new TSA policy that allows small knives and sporting goods in carry-on bags, but still prohibits bottled water.

Benjamin Dayag, Chef de Cusine of Livello, describes his menu that marries Italian and Asian dishes and shares his signature dish of the season.

Miranda Carroll, Director of Communications at LACMA, talks about the museums upcoming exhibit and the connection between the LACMA and other museums in the country.

Robert Landau, author of Rock ‘n’ Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip, goes back to the iconic era of Hollywood  and describes the Sunset Strip billboards in the 70s.

Richard Walden, President and CEO of Operation USA, talks about the mission for Operation USA, which has delivered more than $350 million in aid to no less than 99 countries.

Dr. Wendy Walsh, author of the 30-Day Love Detox, offers her pick for the best travel locations to rekindle a relationship as well as the best destinations for singles.

Eric Rosen, managing editor for The Points Guy, discusses how to best redeem frequent-flier miles and hotel points.

George Hobica, founder of, breaks down the impact of the sequester on travel and examines the latest safety issues surrounding the 787.

Christine Grimm, lead concierge at L’Ermitage Beverly Hills, shares a few surprises about the hotel and the best hidden restaurants in the area.

Julie Wolfson, columnist for, talks about her local favorites and where she goes to escape Los Angeles.

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