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Travel Tip: Baseball Spring Training

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Baseball fans already know that spring training is under way. But if you’ve never considered traveling just to see a baseball game, here’s what you should know about the process.

Spring training takes place in February and March—the Grapefruit League plays in Florida while the Cactus League practices in Arizona.

The benefit as a traveler is that the weather this time of year is mild, but prices aren’t as high as in winter.

Not only are spring training games dirt cheap, but the whole experience is much more laid back.

Players are approachable and willing to give autographs. In many cases, if you buy a travel package, you can get additional perks like post-game meet and greets and photo op with Major Leaguers.

And hey, baseball isn’t for everyone. The good news is these games take place in major destination cities—like Clearwater, Florida and Scottsdale, Arizona.

So while the baseball fans can scope out the games and meet the players, everyone else can go take advantage of all the other activities nearby.

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