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Travel Tip: Airport Museums Abroad

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For most people, killing time at the airport means playing with an iPad and eating a Cinnabon. But these days, you can get in a little culture while you’re waiting—at an airport art museum.

The latest place to mix art and travel is Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. We’re not just talking a few paintings on a wall. These are world-class exhibits representing the best of French art, starting with a partnership with the Rodin Museum.

If you’ve ever been to Singapore’s Changi Airport, you won’t be surprised to learn that it also has a top-notch art display.

This isn’t your traditional art—it’s a one of the largest kinetic art sculptures in the world. It’s an ever-moving bronze display that creates different shapes and patterns…in the middle of Terminal 1.

And don’t forget that Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport has one of the best free exhibits of Dutch artwork in the country.

Airport art is becoming more common all over—from Toronto’s Pearson Airport to London’s Heathrow. But here’s the thing—don’t just rush past it on the way to your gate. Take a minute, enjoy the display, and maybe that layover won’t feel so long.

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