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Google Glass: A Traveler’s Best Friend?

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Google has put out the call for tech-savvy members of the public to be the first to try Google Glass. The headset presents users with a heads-up interface created on a small display in front of the eye. Those wearing Glass interact with it using simple voice commands.

Google has a released a video to help potential users get a feel for what wearing Glass will be like. If the video is accurate, this device could become a traveler’s best friend.

The applications for this device in travel are incredible, depending on its capabilities. A traveler could keep a travelogue, recording their experiences from their point of view without carrying bulky devices. They may be able to upload videos of interesting things they see in real time, allowing friends to experience their journey with them.

At one point in the video, a user brings up a map with GPS tracking in front of their eye. No getting out devices or carrying maps. This device would allow travelers to bring up a map and follow it on the go without ever using their hands. The video also demonstrates how a traveler can bring up translation applications without stopping what they are doing.

Google has announced that those interested in being the first to obtain Glass can enter a competition. The details are available on the Project Glass website. Today is the last day to apply but applications are limited to 50 words or less. Those who win will still have to pay $1,500 for their Google Glass Explorer Edition and pick it up in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

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